Zoos and parks in Vienna

The green side of the city

Whether zoo or park, there are many green spots outside of the city centre.



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    Lainzer Tiergarten

    In the green recreation area of the Lainzer Tiergarten, culture and nature are combined.  In addition to a walk through the woods (where wild boars roam!), there is also an opportunity for refreshment. The Café-Restaurant Hermesvilla does not only serve a few Habsburg dishes, but also traditional cakes and Viennese coffee.  So get the 62 tram from the opera and the journey can begin. 

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    Hetzendorf is a quiet area in Meidling (Vienna's 12th district) and one of the oldest places in the south of Vienna. Hetzendorf Castle and the parish church are located directly behind the park of Schönbrunn Palace and attract not only lovers of architecture but also those who are romantically inclined.  You can take the 62 tram directly to Hetzendorf.

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    Hermes Villa

    Another early work by the young Gustav: he should decorate the Hermes Villa in the Lainzer Tiergarten to make it attractive for Empress Sisi. The emperor really tried everything to keep his wife in Vienna - but his attempts were unfortunately futile. Despite Klimt in Sisi’s gymnastics room.


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