Prost, cheers and to your health in Salzburg


©Mara Hohla

There are things which we, the people of Salzburg, are very proud of. On the one hand there are disciplines like skiing, wearing dirndl or hosting festivals. On the other hand, there are also completely different, less known reasons to be able to brag a bit. You would like an example?

In the quite contemplative city of Mozart, there is a considerable concentration of really recommendable cocktail bars, local restaurants and co. The Salzburg people know how to spend their evening over a drink or two in a nice atmosphere. I'm talking here after many years of personal experience. :)

And since I have tested every single restaurant several times, they all carry my personal seal of approval, so to speak!

Buntes Interior im Afro Cafe in Salzburg | © Afro Cafe

Cocktails & fancy drinks

Moscow Mule, Gin Fizz und Co in Salzburg 

Exclusive locations and unusual drinks for a special evening.

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©Afro Cafe

Moscow mule, gin fizz and co

Anyone who wants to enjoy the luxury which Salzburg also offers in the evening should treat themselves to a cocktail in one of these bars. Here it is difficult to decide between all the unusual and exclusive creations. It's best to simply order several drinks. You should however definitely make a reservation in Glüxfall and Carpe Diem if you really want to enjoy the excellent cocktails.

Afterwork in der Flip Bar | © Wolfgang Lienbacher

Between afterwork and pre-clubbing

Experience Salzburg by night

Ideal after a day in the office, a shopping trip or for the start of an exciting party night.

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©Wolfgang Lienbacher

Between after-work and clubbing

I also have tips which are ideal for after-working or to end the day with a few drinks. Maybe the first stop of an exuberant party night is in one of the restaurants? If you meet in the summer for drinks in the garden of Flip or Monkey's, you never know. ;)

In any case, all the restaurants are located in the middle of the old town and also ideal for a drink after a city stroll!

Andi Hofer Weinstube als Salzburger Institution | © Andreas Hofer Weinstube

Salzburg traditionally

Down-to-earth and tasty

Traditional restaurants with lots of charm, friendly atmosphere, local specialities, delicious beer and good wine. What more could you wish for?

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©Andreas Hofer Weinstube

Where the beer tastes best

Here you will probably find the highest density of Salzburg’s true locals - probably because these places are nearly all well-hidden. Nowhere is the beer cooler and the white wine “spritzer” more refreshing. My personal insider tip is the Andi Hofer Weinstube - definitely order a "Luxuskanderl" order. But don’t tell anyone ;)

hotels: Hotel Europa Salzburg, Hotel Altstadt, Hotel Salzburg Mitte


Mara Hohla

The blogger was born in Salzburg but has been living and working in Vienna since 2010. If she is not currently busy exploring the city’s hotspots, then she is writing the food blog She is not only inspired by regular visits to the various farmers’ markets and regional producers, but also in her favourite Viennese coffee houses. And when the city gets a little bit too loud, then she off she goes out into the countryside with Ferdinand, her dog!

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