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    Guided palace tours

    I would strongly recommend a headset for the tour that will guide you professionally through the history of the palace in all languages, as well as tell you short stories about the most important personalities of the imperial family. While the Imperial Tour will show you both the representative as well as the private rooms of the imperial couple Franz Joseph I and Elisabeth, on the Grand Tour you will discover the most valuable rooms from the time of Maria Theresa, including the truly unique Ceremonial Hall.

    ©Schloss Schoenbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H. Sascha Rieger
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    The children's museum

    One of the most beautiful attractions in Schönbrunn Palace is certainly the children's museum, which is located directly in a former wing of the palace. No matter whether young or old, you can slip into imperial robes, feel like a prince or princess and immerse yourself in the past. You can even experience exciting insights into the everyday life of the imperial family during interesting theme tours or handicraft workshops.

    ©Schloss Schoenbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H. Alexander Eugen Koller
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    The imperial carriage museum

    In the former winter riding school of the palace you will find the so-called "fleet" of vehicles of the Habsburg family, which includes precious carriages, magnificent state coaches and dress coaches of the Viennese court. I personally find the coronation carriage the most beautiful, a magnificent carriage decorated with gilded carvings and paintings. It was pulled by eight grey horses, but could still only move at walking speed due to its heavy weight.

    ©Wikimedia Commons - dguendel
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    The Orangerie

    The Viennese Orangerie is one of the oldest and largest baroque orangery buildings alongside Versailles. It was built by the imperial family to accommodate the citrus fruits and potted plants which were particularly sensitive to the cold in winter and is said to have been fitted with underfloor heating for the necessary indoor climate. A walk through the orangery garden in the warm season will give you an insight into the European garden culture of exquisite exotic plants such as bitter orange, olive tree or myrtle.

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    The Marionette Theatre

    One of my personal favourite attractions is the puppet theatre, which is popular with both children and adults. Here traditional craftsmanship is used for the production of the marionettes, costumes, stage sets and stage technology, together with prominent directors, stage and costume designers. And all this in the in-house workshops! The musical “Sisi’s Secret” is completely new. But the theatre also stages numerous other world-famous operas, musicals and fairy tales in keeping with old traditions.

    ©Werner Hierzer

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