Enjoy without meat

Vegetarian and vegan restaurants

Nearly every district in Vienna has its own meatless restaurants. Whether vegan burger, cakes or vegetarian Viennese cuisine, there is also something for the meatless gourmet.



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    Swing Kitchen

    The "Swing Kitchen - Real Vegan Burgers", with its 2 restaurants in Operngasse in the 4th district and Schottenfeldgasse in the 7th district, is not only a fixed point for vegans - the entire concept is built on sustainability. Even the packaging is biodegrable in keeping with the motto "Fantastic without plastic".

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    Lovely Food

    The former "Raw Shop" now also offers vegan food. The goal is to work with small, regional suppliers and farmers and not to offer superfoods from afar. Therefore there is nothing to stand in the way of sustainability. A small organic supermarket with fresh ingredients completes the concept.

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    The Tian restaurant in Vienna serves luxurious vegetarian and vegan dishes. In the bistro you will find great vegan dishes at moderate prices.  Also perfect for a business lunch.  The Tian Restaurant can also be certainly recommended in the evening. 


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    I Love Veggie Burger

    In the "I love Veggie Burger" restaurant on Salzgries you will not only find a great choice of vegan dishes - they are also 100% organic.  But not only vegans will love the food - juicy vegan organic burgers, wraps, hot dogs and much more. A particular highlight are the gluten-free desserts - delicious even without wheat. 

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    The brothers Karl and Leo Wrenkh are among the pioneers of vegetarian cuisine. Their creative combinations in the 1st district do not only surprise vegetarians, but meat lovers will also be delighted with dishes such as Yakitori chicken skewers or ginger and sweet potato soup.

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Healthy food to go

Small but fine - markets and shops in Vienna

You don’t always have to go to the large markets to find what you are looking for. Small markets and pop-up stores have taken Vienna by storm.


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The best from the region

Restaurants with local specialities

Local, sustainable, organic – this philosophy is very much alive in these restaurants. The suppliers and products are carefully selected and come from Austria.

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Vegan on the go

When time is short

On the way to the next tourist attraction, a break while shopping or between meetings - sometimes it just has to be quick. Vegan food on the go!

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Vegan for Bohos

Pure relaxation

Relaxing music, pleasant surroundings, a place to relax or simply vegan food with that little bit extra. Here there is much more than just vegan cuisine – from superfood to teas and organically grown vegetables.

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Vegan Business Lunch

Elegant & vegan

Looking for somewhere elegant for a business lunch with colleagues or business partners?  A working dinner can also be a culinary delight.

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