Favourite places 2017

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No matter whether summer, winter, spring or autumn. These local tips roundabout the Austria Trend Hotels are what you liked the most in 2017.


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    If you want to freshen up your apartment in a special way, the you will start to smile as soon as you see the selection in the Vintagerie. Because this shop not only offers classic designer pieces, but also sells extraordinary things. If you feel like it, you can even buy a moped to explore the city on your own.


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    Neubaugasse flea market

    The flea market in the Neubaugasse is the mainstreamer amongst the hipster flea markets. So it is worth pushing your way through the more than 300 standholders and 100,000 visitors. Twice a year - in spring and in autumn - it's time to leave the Mariahilfer Strasse and enjoy the second-hand atmosphere. In addition to many great offers you will also find delicious refreshments accompanied by musical entertainment. 


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    City walk 4a

    This marked walk will take you from the centre of Ottakring and over the Wilhelminenberg in the direction of the Vienna Woods. Schloss Wilhelminenberg with its fantastic view over Vienna is a perfect place to stop for refreshment.

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    Fashion and culinary art somehow belong together. That this combination can work is proven by the Wunderladen in Argentinierstraße. Fashion fans' mouths will definitely begin to water at the selection of Austrian young designers in the vintage living room atmosphere. Good that there is also something to eat here. It's the right place for (fashion) hungry people.

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    Die Burgermacher

    A burger shop with a difference: the meat comes from organic farmers, the burger bread is made according to a special recipe at a well-known bakery. Everything which can be home-made is homemade. The fries are home-made, the mayonnaise is hand-mixed and the ketchup is produced according to shop's own recipe.

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    Disco Volante

    An authentic pizzeria which pays attention to detail! The highlight of the restaurant: the gigantic pizza oven in the form of a disco ball. If there is no space, it is worth buying a pizza to take away and enjoy in a nearby park!

  7. 7

    Graffiti on the Danube Canal

    Near the Schottenring underground station you will find the oldest legal sprayer area in Vienna: the Danube Canal. It was legalized in 1994 and offers approximately 480 m² of wall - about 120 metres long on both sides of the canal. But no one has really stuck to this restriction and that's why it's definitely worth going for a long walk along the Danube Canal.

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    Dschungel Wien Café Bar

    The number one child-friendly place. The accompanying children's theatre Dschungel is itself worth a visit in any case. The café is designed for its small clientèle.  The seating is great for little ones and there is everything from curry to veggie burger. Breakfast until 2:00 pm!

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    This ice cream parlour in the 8th district offers authentic Italian gelato, sweets and excellent coffee. The decor stands out due to its cool and modern design.

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    From a sandy beach into the Danube? No problem. Well-known bars and restaurants such as Figar, Le Troquet or G'Schupfte Ferdl have found a summer location in the old Copa Cagrana. It's not just great food, like "Mozzarella in Carrozza" at The Cheese Cab or "Bio Mangalitza Salsiccia" at the Figar geht Baden. Cocobello has the best cocktails and if you fancy a real Italian aperitivo, head to the Panini Grill. And if you feel too hot after so much food you can simply jump into the New Danube - enjoy!

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    Tunnel Vienna

    In the Tunnel there is not only live music in the evening but also good home-cooked food all day long for little money, such as meatloaf with rice and salad for 7.90 euros. However, if you do not like it "smoky", you should probably stay away  - it is more people who are still partying and don't mind the smell of smoke in the morning.

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    Christmas market on Spittelberg

    The motto in the 7th district of Vienna is "pleasure meets culture". The Spittelberg Christmas market is the classic amonst the "alternative" markets: mulled wine and Swedisg punch, artistic handicrafts and unbelievably tasty Bohemian potato fritters. 

    Please check online for exact opening times (mid-November until Christmas).


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    The Volksgarten can be found right next to the Burggarten. And no, we do not mean the well-known disco club. The Volksgarten is an inviting place to relax and enjoy in the middle of the city: rest your legs and let your mind wander as you look at the blooming rose garden. Not to be overlooked is the temple of Theseus, which is a miniature replica of the Hephaestus temple in Athens.

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    Vienna's first sweet factory is situated in the heart of the city. When entering the world of sweets and lollipops,  visitors never cease to be amazed! The shop is namely also a show kitchen: young and old can watch how the sweet mass of natural ingredients and aromas slowly takes shape - also to take away!

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    Here you will find the uncovered remains of the former Stubentor, a gateway to the city. In addition to impressive buildings such as the Dominican monastery or the former Post and Telegraph Office, there is also a large plane tree, which has been a declared Viennese natural monument since 1994. By the way, last farewells were bidden here  to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on his way to St. Marx Cemetery in 1791.

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    The Loos American Bar, designed by star architect Adolf Loos, is famous far beyond the borders of Austria. The small but fine bar is located near Kärntner Straße in the 1st district. The Loosbar is also popualr with true gourmets thanks to selection of exclusive spirits. 

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