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Vienna and its morbid museums

Vienna has the dubious reputation of being the most morbid city in the world. Well, no matter how much truth there may be behind it: the museums can definitely keep up with it.


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    The Torture Museum

    First of all: The organizers are opponents of torture and Amnesty International is also involved. The development of the legal system is presented in the historical shelter - and the methods described are also intended to deter: witches, heretics and torture under Maria Theresa - let's talk about it!

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    The Criminal Museum

    "Death must be a Viennese", that is what the local criminal museum is convinced of. Housed in a former soap boiler house, the museum is located in a main alley of the former Viennese ghetto of the 17th century. It is one of the oldest houses in the second district Leopoldstadt, tells of maid killers, anarchist terror and assassinations in old Vienna.

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    Das Wiener Bestattungsmuseum

    A visit to the Vienna Central Cemetery is one of the highlights of sightseeing for some visitors to Vienna. But the funeral museum that goes with it also knows how to present itself - there are even (really funny) souvenirs to take home. Beforehand, one prepares for the visit online, listens to funeral songs and then it's time to be there: multimedia and interactive with modern installations at the "schöne Leich" in Vienna - the second largest cemetery in Europe.

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    Narrenturm (The Fool’s Tower)

    Officially we are located in the "Pathologic-anatomical collection" in the Narrenturm (Fool’s Tower) on the grounds of the old General Hospital of the City of Vienna – which is part of the Natural History Museum on the university campus today. Nothing for weak nerves, really! Medical students or young doctors guide through the exhibition and rooms in the Narrenturm. Very vividly, preparations of malformations and clinical pictures are presented - at its time in the 18th century, the Narrenturm was one of the most modern facilities for the treatment of mentally ill people.

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