From pub flair to café

Hearty, cool, cosy or rustic. Culinary stops in Bratislava. 

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    Flagship Pub

    There are cosier, smaller, more authentic and less touristy pubs in Bratislava than the "Flagship", but this one is particularly captivating because of its interior: on the wooden galleries you feel like you are in a combination of a Salzburg beer tavern and a retro ocean cruiser - in fact it used to be a cinema. Its smaller brother, the nearby "Slovak Pub" is simpler, the menu with the "Halusky" and "Pierogi" and the sometimes slightly indifferent service are similar. As I said: go for the interior!

    ©Bratislavská reštaurácia - Flag Ship Bratislava
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    Urban House Coffeeshop

    Cool coffee shops with bar character, breakfast variations and hip coffee creations can be found on every corner in Bratislava, especially in the old town. During our short visit, however, we particularly liked the Urban House. Why? Books, long wooden tables with views, cosy lounge corners with armchairs, WiFi without having to ask for it, sockets for smartphones and a relaxing and inviting ambience, from bright and cheery to dark and snug. The clientele ranges from students to families, tourists, locals, readers and laptop users. Dogs are welcome and the friendly service team speaks perfect English!

    ©Urban House Bratislava
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    Café Mayer

    If Bratislava really wants to compete with the other beauties on the Danube such as Vienna and Budapest, then of course we also have to talk about the café culture. And where is the best place for insiders to drink their coffee with a proper piece of cream cake? In Café Mayer of course, the former suppliers to the royal and imperial court. Dogs are also very welcome. Nice coffee house interior and interesting retro pictures inside!

    ©Angelika Mandler-Saul
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    Since Bratislava seems to be really proud of its UFO, it deserves a mention. A conspicuous tower, with a superimposed UFO, is located right next to the Danube Bridge. Internationally renowned as a “great tower”, the tower houses both a café and restaurant and is a sunset hotspot. Innovative and almost 100 metre high – you can even ride up just for the great view. 

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    Street food and the old market hall Stara Trznica

    Every Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm this is a highlight in Bratislava: the market in the old market hall, which sometimes also functions as an ingenious location for concerts. And when the weather is warm the square in front of the hall is transformed into a food park. Here the local traders, craftsmen and family businesses are the preferred suppliers. And if you miss the Saturday, then you can still visit one of the cool, permanent stands inside the market hall.

    ©Stara Trznica

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