Superfood for super runnners

Acai bowls, poke bowls or porridge bowls - eating out of bowls is currently very popular, especially when it comes to healthy food. Find out here where you can find all of these delicacies and much more in Vienna.


  1. 1

    Superfood Deli

    In what are now three Superfood Deli branches you can also now taste delicious dishes and snacks from the owners of the Juice Deli. The menu includes acai bowls, porridges and soups amongst other things, which will give you the energy for your next run. 

  2. 2

    HONU Tiki Bowls

    Poke bowls originally come from Hawaii and recently have become the trend food par excellence. In the brand new HONU Tiki Bowls in Vienna’s inner city, they taste particularly good as an after-workout meal and also look extremely Instagram-worthy. 

    ©Honu Tiki Bowls
  3. 3

    Health Kitchen

    Balanced, wholesome food ends up on the plates of the Health Kitchen, all made from many fresh, colourful ingredients. The friendly and bright eatery in the 7th district is a good place to go, especially for those who need to be convinced that even a burger can be healthy if cooked differently than usual.

    ©Health Kitchen
  4. 4


    "Fresh food instead of fast food" is the motto at Bionista in the first district - and you can also taste it. Again, there are trendy bowls, but also pasta lovers, wrap fans or salad tigers will find plenty to please them.

  5. 5

    12 Karma Food

    "Mother Earth first" is the motto at 12 Karma Food. Organic ingredients meet organically degradable packaging and green energy – very strict but also very delicious.

    ©12 Karma Food

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