From the uni muses to the setting for the Life Ball

Step by step

Selfies with the stone-faced Nobel prize winners in the courtyard of Vienna’s university, a shooting for a postcard on the Rathausplatz or a rendezvous with the beautiful Pallas Athene in front of the Parliament. 700 metres full of great photo spots.


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    Vienna University

    Don't be afraid, there are no lectures today! Nevertheless, it is worth taking a look inside the university and to walk around the building. The impressive pillared hall can be seen from the Ringstrasse, where the godess of wisdom is also honoured. If you look at the relief above the gable, you will see the birth of the goddess Minerva, also well-known as the goddess Athena in Greek mythology. 


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    The central meeting point of Austrian politics lies on Vienna's Ringstrasse. The parliament building houses not only politics but also a lot of history. Meetings of the National Council can be visited to see behind the scenes of Austrian politics. Incidentally, the building across from the Volksgarten and next to the Rathauspark is also a very popular photo opportunity.

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    The building on the University Ring was built according to the plans of Gottfried Semper and Karl von Hasenauer. It is one of the top addresses in German-speaking theatre. The Burgtheater is traditional and modern at the same time. Daily tours provide a look behind the scenes.

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    Vienna City Hall

    The Vienna City Hall - opposite the Burgtheater - is very interesting because of its architecture: Neo-Gothic meets Renaissance. In addition to the seat of the mayor, the building also houses the Vienna City Archive and the City Library. And there's (almost) always something going on at the Rathausplatz: the most famous events are the Vienna Christmas Market and the open-air film festival in summer.


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    Arkadenhof of Vienna University

    The Arkadenhof is reason enough to take a look into the University of Vienna. This courtyard invites you to relax and get to know people - and not just students: here you will find more than 154 busts and monuments. For 650 years only male scholars were found here. Since June 2016 women scientists like Charlotte Bühler and Lise Meitner have joined the male busts.

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    Life Ball

    You do not really have to mention it, because everyone knows it: the Life Ball, one of the largest AIDS charity events in the world, is an institution. After a creative break, Life Ball has completely reinvented itself and the party continues to celebrates tolerance, cosmopolitanism and social responsibility in the Vienna City Hall.

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