Old Austria in a nutshell

From Emperor to Freud

Emperors, churches, art and restaurants, all in the immediate vicinity of the Schottentor. Vienna’s “Ring” is in itself a lively, colourful museum.  A little bit lost in the past, at the same time very much up to date. 



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    Arkadenhof of Vienna University

    The Arkadenhof is reason enough to take a look into the University of Vienna. This courtyard invites you to relax and get to know people - and not just students: here you will find more than 154 busts and monuments. For 650 years only male scholars were found here. Since June 2016 women scientists like Charlotte Bühler and Lise Meitner have joined the male busts.

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    The Sigmund Freud Park is situated between the Votive Church and Schottentor. In summer there are deckchairs if you want to relax. Students in particular use the park near the university as an oasis of peace in the warm months. As the green area is located near Vienna's Ringstrasse, it is a perfect place to stop on every sightseeing tour!

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    Emperor Franz Joseph

    The last chapter of old Austria began with his coronation. Franz Joseph I, the longest standing monarch of his dynasty, husband of Empress Sisi and a modest huntsman. This modesty is reflected in the monument - not a big monument, but an image of the introverted emperor.

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From the uni muses to the setting for the Life Ball

Step by step

Selfies with the stone-faced Nobel prize winners in the courtyard of Vienna’s university, a shooting for a postcard on the Rathausplatz or a rendezvous with the beautiful Pallas Athene in front of the Parliament. 700 metres full of great photo spots.

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The Blue Danube Waltz & Co

Selfie time with Austria's most famous composers

Vienna and music – a love which is renowned far beyond the boundaries of the city. As we are very proud of our musicians and composers here, there is a monument to one or the other on almost every square.

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Celebrities from bygone days around the Ring

On a monument tour

Around the Ringstrasse and in the Burg- and Volksgarten there are lots of statues or artists and other famous personalities. The imperial couple is a very hot tip. You are only allowed to walk past quickly if you are hungry. ;) Otherwise you should take your time and become an art connoisseur.



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