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Selfie time with Austria's most famous composers

Vienna and music – a love which is renowned far beyond the boundaries of the city. As we are very proud of our musicians and composers here, there is a monument to one or the other on almost every square.


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    Johann Strauss

    The king of the waltz, Johann Strauss (junior) shines all in gold in the middle of the rose garden in the Stadtpark on Stubenring. At the sight of him, the first bars of the Blue Danube Waltz spring to mind and suddenly Vienna starts to swing in 3/4 time. Schani - derived from the Gianni, the Italian form of Johann - and his father were the inspiration behind Alfred Hitchcock's film "Waltzes from Vienna". 


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    Ludwig van Beethoven

    As Vienna was the place where Beethoven lived and worked, besides his birthplace Bonn, this is the place where he is also immortalised the most. Many artists have tried to depict the meaestro in the form of busts or statues. A magnet for music lovers are, for example, his monuments on Beethovenplatz in the 1st district or the Beethoven monument in Heiligenstadt, where there is also a Beethoven marked trail. 


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    Johannes Brahms

    A stone figure of Brahms is enthroned in the middle of the Resselpark, not far from the Karlskirche - at his feet lies Euterpe, the muse of music, with a lyre in her hand. Brahms is considered to be one of the most important composers of the high romanticism and has thus followed in the footsteps of Beehoven.

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    Anton Bruckner

    Although the Bruckner monument in the City Park is just a copy of the original, which is housed in the courtyard of the Old University, that does not spoil the pleasure. The monument of the composer can be admired near the pond and was made by the sculptor Viktor Tilgner. The Austrian National Library owns the largest Bruckner archive in the world.

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    Mozart statue

    The statue in honour of the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has stood in the Burggarten since 1953. Previously it was situated on the Albertinaplatz, directly in front of the Café Mozart. The monument was damaged during an air raid in 1945 and had to be restored. Today the marble statue thrones the entrance to the park opposite the Eschenbachgasse and a flower bed in front of it is set out in the form of a musical clef.

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