Gin Bars

A trip around the world for your taste buds

You just have to love gin and tonic - with so many different flavors, there's something for everyone. Fresh, spicy, citrus or herbal, the combinations are endless. Vienna has also discovered gin for itself and the corresponding bars do not disappoint.


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    Das Torberg

    THE gin bar par excellence. Das Torberg has it in for gin with over 600 varieties of gin and 23 different tonics. Whether top gin from Austria or products from around the world - gin lovers will be happy here! The range is expanded weekly (!). Rum and whiskey also do not fall by the wayside. Good to know: In Das Torberg the store, all specialties can also be purchased for home.

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    In addition to the many different and lovingly created cocktails at bestens. you'll also find a wide selection of gin (and tonic). If you get hungry after trying them, the tarte flambée on site is definitely a must-eat. By the way: For those in a hurry, there are also cocktails to go!

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    Addicted to Rock Bar

    Not only gin fans feel right at home here, but also - as the name already suggests - the rock stars among us. More than 1000 variations of gin and tonic can be tried. For all those who can't make up their minds, the staff is of course on hand to offer help and advice. To go with the drinks, there are top burgers and rocking background music.

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    From New Zealand to Columbia and the Antarctic - in the SLUbar you can start a world tour of taste. The host personally advises you on the 290 types of gin and 53 types of tonic from all over the world. In addition, there are more than 180 botanicals. There is an individual gin and tonic for every guest.

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