Hungry between Albertina and Schottentor

Dining between art and culture

After a visit to the Albertina , a further highlight of any visit to Vienna is a walk along the Ring, past the Burgtheater to Schottentor. But where can you go to eat?


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    At the sight of the vegetarian and vegan buffet, vegetarians can hardly believe their eyes! Just around the corner from the Hotel Rathauspark, the friendly eatery not only promises happiness to those who do not eat meat. Above all else, the yamm is a bright spot for parents in Vienna! There is a separate children's area with noise protection and changing facilities with extra nappies.


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    Restaurant Orpheus

    Within walking distance of the Hotel Europa: Mediterranean charm, contemporary ambience and excellent cuisine from Crete.

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    SOHO Kantine

    Well hidden in the rear part of the Neue Burg, to the left of the Palm House, you will find the cafeteria of the National Library - the SOHO. Every (working) weekday there are two menus, one of which is always vegetarian. The charm of the venerable halls is also preserved in the colourful ambience of the city's best canteen. Fair portions, fresh ingredients, moderate prices. Bon appetit!.

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Children's meals around the Museumsquartier

Friendly and relaxed

The Museumsquartier is in itself a great attraction for children – a large inner courtyard to run around and the colourful Enzi seats. But where is the best place to eat? 

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Snacks for the little ones between the Haus der Musik and Belvedere

Culture whets the appetite

Child-friendly restaurants near the Haus der Musik, Vienna’s Konzerthaus and the Belvedere are few and far between but there are some: Burger, Donuts and Co await you. 

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Vegan for Bohos

Pure relaxation

Relaxing music, pleasant surroundings, a place to relax or simply vegan food with that little bit extra. Here there is much more than just vegan cuisine – from superfood to teas and organically grown vegetables.

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Viennese tips

Classical Austrian cuisine

These places are popular with the Viennese for their delicious Austrian cuisine but at the same time are real insider tips. It is worth going there when you are hungry!



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