Imperial cuisine

From imperial rolls to imperial pancakes

There are many anecdotes about the famous Austrian “Kaiserschmarren”, a traditional pancake dish. One of them goes as follows: in 1854 the Viennese court pâtissier created a new dish for the wedding of Emperor Franz Joseph I and Elisabeth of Bavaria. But Elisabeth - always thinking about her slim figure - spurned this sweet dish. The Emperor jokingly took Sisi’s plate and said with a smile: "Well then give me the “Schmarren” which our Leopold has created”. The Emperor (the “Kaiser”) enjoyed the taste of this sweet dish so much that it was known ever after as “Kaiserschmarren”.


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    Breakfast in Parkhotel Schönbrunn

    There, where once the many guests of Emperor Franz Joseph I stayed, you can enjoy today an imperial culinary breakfast. The hotel attaches great importance to Austrian, organic certified products such as the delicious home-made muesli, although I rather prefer one of the freshly prepared egg dishes. Incidentally, breakfast tastes especially good on the beautiful, imperial terrace!
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    Landtmann's Jausenstation

    An absolute insider tip from my point of view: the snack bar hidden behind the high hedges directly in the Privy Garden in the ground of Schönbrunn Palace. The all-white pavilion stands out in particular through its large garden with many colourful tables and chairs. The best "Kaiserschmarren" (pancake dish) in the city is said to be served here!

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    Riding Dinner

    A truly unforgettable experience! Here you can experience a culinary highlight with all 5 senses during an approx. 90 minute ride in a classic horse-drawn carriage to the most beautiful sights of Vienna. While the drvier leads you through the history of the city, a personal butler - in cooperation with top restaurants in the city - takes care of your physical well-being.

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    Menagerie Upper Belvedere

    Very imperial thanks to the ambience, you can enjoy an imperial dining experience under the paintings of the young imperial couple in the menagerie in the Upper Belvedere. The restaurant, which is open daily from 10 .00 am to 6.00 pm, serves not only snacks and traditional cakes and pastries, but also regional Viennese cuisine for lunch. My personal recommendation would be an art walk through the newly curated show collection of the Belvedere Palace with the famous "Kiss" by Gustav Klimt.

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    Sacher Eck

    The famous Sacher quite different for a change! The new Sacher Eck now has a surprisingly modern touch. The traditional décor, rich in purple and gold, has many modern elements, similar to a "Viennese melange". Only one thing tastes just as good as before: the famous original Sacher-Torte! My personal tip would be to grab one of the new box seats with a direct view of the Vienna State Opera!


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