Imperial shopping

Vienna’s souvenirs with a touch of craftsmanship

Particularly in the centre of Vienna you will find numerous shopping locations for “imperial” shopping experiences. These include many former suppliers to the imperial court, small manufactories which specialise in Viennese handicrafts, and numerous souvenir shops.


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    Traditional products "made in Austria"

    Very different and very modern Vienna products can be found in the newly designed Herrengasse, Vienna's newest promenade area! Special souvenirs can be found in the shops of the Viennese Soap Manufactury, as well as the Viennese sweets workshop, where you can even see how the sweet treats are made. I however prefer the Viennese soaps which are hand-made according to old Viennese recipes!

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    Diverse Sisi sweets

    For all Empress Sisi fans there are lots of souvenirs in Vienna's city centre! My very personal tip would be the "candied violets" from the K & K Hofzuckerbäcker Demel, from which Elisabeth liked to prepare violet sorbet at court. You can find Sisi's own tea in the famous Haas & Haas tea house just behind St. Stephan's Cathedral and the K & K Hofzuckerbäckerei Gerstner even sells its own Sisi chocolate cake!
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    K&K Schuhmanufaktur Scheer

    A very special shopping experience is a visit to the 200-year-old K & K Hofschuhlieferanten (imperial shoe supplier!) Rudolf Scheer & Söhne. In the in-house museum not only valuable old sketches can be found, but also the moulds for many imperial rulers. Among them are the original mouldings for Emperor Franz Joseph I. However, I find the shoe workshop on the first floor particularly impressive, where bespoke shoes are still being made today, as well as a new accessories line.
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    Sisi's Stars - Juwelier Köchert

    Do you know Empress Elisabeth's famous stars? Most often she wore them in her long hair on many a painting. Sisi allegedly owned 27 of these diamond stars, which she could wear as a necklace, tiara, pendant, brooch or hair accessories. Now Köchert, the jewellers, has reissued these stars according to the original designs. Certainly a very high-quality memento of an imperial stay in Vienna!

    ©A.E. Köchert

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Made-to-measure instead of mass production

Manufacturing in Ottakring

Ottakring is also famous for its creative spots. Which is why a few small manufacturing firms have set up their business there and will certainly provide you with a souvenir or two.

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The Viennese heart in the right place

Handmade souvenirs

Spoilt for choice: there are so many beautiful things to buy in Vienna’s 5th and 6th districts! Perhaps it is best to choose one valuable piece – something homemade, because a lot of hard work and love went into it.

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Celebrities from bygone days around the Ring

On a monument tour

Around the Ringstrasse and in the Burg- and Volksgarten there are lots of statues or artists and other famous personalities. The imperial couple is a very hot tip. You are only allowed to walk past quickly if you are hungry. ;) Otherwise you should take your time and become an art connoisseur.



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