Made-to-measure instead of mass production

Manufacturing in Ottakring

Ottakring is also famous for its creative spots. Which is why a few small manufacturing firms have set up their business there and will certainly provide you with a souvenir or two.


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    This traditional Viennese business is well-known and loved for its sweet and sour delicacies such as jams and pickles. If you are looking for a souvenir from Vienna, you will surely find the right one amongst the more than 200 varieties in the Staud's Shop on the Brunnenmarkt in Ottakring. Fresh fruit and vegetables as well as fresh bread from local bakeries can be bought here.

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    Mano Design

    The Viennese factory mainly produces lights, accessories and vases out of porcelain. In doing so mano design is the only manufacturer in Austria to specialise in the processing of "Bone China" - one of the highest quality and finest kinds of porcelain. The designer knows how to play with conventions and thus creates products which are at the same time both creative and functional .

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    Y5 Open Space

    The Viennese upcycling fashion brand has its control centre at Yppenplatz. The pop-up store is used by various designers and there is always something new to discover here. The focus of fashion is on "fair fashion", i.e. on fair trade and sustainability. It definitely pays off to pass by! Unfortunately, the Y5 store is only open on Saturdays.

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    The small shop on Yppenplatz prints and sells organic and fair shirts. If you want advice on screen printing, this is the right place. In addition to funny T-shirts, there are also recycled garments and colourful baby and toddler fashion handcrafted in Vienna - funny sayings and motifs included.

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    The shop is located in a converted market hall on Yppenplatz. markt_platz is a real insider when it comes to shopping for unique items. Bags, T-shirts and jewellery are not designed by well-known designers, but by long-term unemployed people. The social project is  managed by Caritas Wien. Shopping for a good cause is so easy.

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Local brands

Vienna to take home

The Viennese love their traditions. Local brands fill them with pride, especially when they are known internationally. Special souvenirs like this can be found in the heart of the city centre, not far from the Hotel Europa.

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Handmade souvenirs

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