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You won’t find any ravages of time in Linz's museums; on the contrary! Here, the museums are also taking on the task of coming to terms with their own history.


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    voestalpine Stahlwelt

    "Experiencing steel?" It may not sound that sexy at first, but as soon as you consider that there’s no way around steel – when it comes to railroad tracks, cutlery, jewelry, homes, art projects and many other things –  the experience in the Steel World becomes much more exciting. Interactive stations in the world of experience in a steel rotunda with lighting effects and paths through the universe of steel: an exciting tour through a world that is nevertheless unknown to most.

    © voestalpine Stahlwelt GmbH
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    voestalpine Historical Museum

    Nothing is hushed up here: It is about the dark chapter in the history of voestalpine, about the forced laborers of the former "Reichswerke Hermann Göring" in Linz, an oversized National Socialist prestige building of the armaments industry. People and their fates in an inhuman system. That was Linz, too.

    © voestalpine Stahlwelt GmbH
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    In the past, the Tabikfabrik (literally the tobacco factory) actually produced tens of thousands of cigarettes a day but today the factory is a hotspot of Linz's creative scene. The Tabakfabrik is not only the home of artists, clubs and architects, but also a popular location for performances and events of all kinds.

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    forum metall

    An outdoor museum at the Danube Park with sculptures of national and international artists, which was initially planned only temporarily but is now an indispensable permanent exhibition on the Danube. In operation since 1977 and hardly aged - art and business in very appealing symbiosis.

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