Current exhibitions in Vienna

An overview of the 1st half of 2021

Visitors can expect unique landscape paintings, a look behind Andy Warhol's facade and more!


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    Gustav Klimt's Last Works: until February 13th, 2022

    In a special exhibition planned for 1 year, the Belvedere Museum presents unique late works by Gustav Klimt. Among them are the works "Lady with Fan" and "The Bride". They were the last two paintings that the artist left in his studio at his death in 1918. Now, more than 100 years, several owners and journeys to other continents later, these unfinished works are together again for the first time for the public to see in Vienna.

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    Johann Jakob Hartmann: until August 29th, 2021

    Thanks to restoration work at the Belvedere, the "four elements" of earth, fire, water and air in Hartmann's version can once again be seen side by side. Some of his works were already exhibited in the imperial gallery in the 18th century. The artist was one of the first in the Bohemian region to specialize in the art of landscape painting and oriented himself to Flemish masters such as Jan Brueghel the Elder. Please pay attention to the details in his paintings!

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    Joseph Beuys: Think. Act. Convey: until June 13th, 2021

    A surprisingly interactive exhibition of modern, contemporary art is currently on display at Belvedere 21 in honor of the German artist Joseph Beuys. Treated as one of the most influential artists of the 2nd half of the 20th century, he would have celebrated his 100th birthday in 2021. On this occasion, a very pointed show of works including his major works Honey Pump at the Workplace, Stag Monuments or Basisraum Nasse Wäsche ("Basic Room Wet Laundry") can be seen.

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    Andy Warhol Exhibits. A glittering Alternative: until May 30th, 2021

    Andy Warhol is one of the most famous personalities of the 20th century. Like no other artist since 1945, he has integrated the everyday experiences of the consumer and media world into his art. At the same time he showed the consumer society the abysses of this world. Visitors are shown a glimpse behind the world-famous Pop Art icon, who was also a pioneering exhibition curator, installation artist and commercial artist.

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  5. 5

    The Aztecs: until April 13th, 2021

    Currently, the Weltmuseum in Vienna is taking us on an exciting journey around the legendary art & culture of the Aztecs, who 500 years ago dominated a large part of Mesoamerica. The exhibition focuses on tributes and sacrifices in the religious and economic life of the Aztecs as well as the impressive capital Tenochtitlán as a hub and religious and cultural center of the empire.

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    Inspirational Beethoven: until April 4th, 2021

    December 17th, 2020 marked the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven's birth. To mark this occasion, the Leopold Museum is dedicating a small, fine exhibition called "A Symphony in Pictures from Vienna 1900” to this musical genius. Beethoven is outlined as an inspiration for other great artists such as Gustav Klimt, Carl Moll or Josef Maria Auchentaller, whose Beethoven Music Room became famous.

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  7. 7

    Emil Pirchan. Visual Revolution: until April 5th, 2021

    While you're at the Leopold Museum, be sure to check out the really impressive and sometimes very colorful exhibition on Emil Pirchan. The Brno-born artist designed buildings, interiors, utilitarian objects and patterns, created extremely innovative solutions in the field of poster art and played a decisive role in shaping modern theater. His first successes were as a commercial artist in Munich.

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