Peculiar museums with entertainment factor

Marvel and smile. 

It is not uncommon to find curious glimpses of everyday life in Vienna - even if you just stroll around a little - such as a backyard or a hidden passageway. Some museums also offer unusual insights and views.


©Manfred Klaghofer
  1. 1

    Globe Museum of the Austrian National Library

    This Viennese museum is unique in the whole world (like so many things in Vienna...), more than 250 exhibits of valuable celestial, lunar and planetary globes presented in the beautiful and impressive ambience of a Viennese palace - worth seeing all around.

  2. 2

    Condomi Museum

    In the store for "all kinds of loving aids" there is a condom museum, which was of course equipped by a manufacturer of these aids and at the same time offers a specialized store. Especially during the annual Long Night of Museums in Vienna, the Condomi Museum is a big hit!

    ©Condomi Museum Ingrid Mack
  3. 3

    Magic Box Museum

    Not only since Harry Potter: magic is in. From this exhibition of valuable magic boxes with all the trimmings, Harry, Hermione and Ron would also be enchanted, without even bringing out their own magic wands.

    ©Manfred Klaghofer

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