Morbid Vienna on the go

Open your eyes when sightseeing

The tunnel of horror in the Prater of our childhood (the 1970s, to be precise) may no longer be able to lure smartphone-armed kids out from behind their cell phones. And then there's the plague pit - into which you can fall in the time machine: virtually, but still something you can experience firsthand. Let's see what the kids say ...


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    A fall into the plague pit

    With the time travel machine, you can not only be transported to a wartime Viennese bunker for a bombing raid, but also re-create what it might have felt like in a plague pit in medieval Vienna. However, the bunker and plague pit experiences are not recommended for under 10-year-olds.

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    The retro tunnel of horror at Prater

    Vienna's Wurstelprater is an institution, even if it may have lost some of its importance among kids in our supposedly more exciting virtual times. But at least the older generation still likes to talk about their own first rides in the tunnel of horror - at least it still exists.

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    Blood Alley

    A picturesque quarter in Vienna, where you can also find Mozart's residence ("Figarohaus"), which is worth visiting. From there you can take a look down at the Blutgasse (Blood Alley) - the view is almost exactly as it was in Wolfgang Amadé's time. It is not documented why exactly it bears this bloodthirsty name. Nevertheless it is a remnant of old Vienna with beautiful architecture, quiet courtyards and artists' studios.

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