Music and musical theatre in Linz

Opera, operetta, musicals and concerts: everything's on in Linz.


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    Musiktheater am Volksgarten

    The most modern opera house in Europe can be seen and heard. By the way, this also applies to public viewing in the Volksgarten next door. The ideas of the KlangFoyer for watching and listening, as well as those of the "Hör-Bar", are really cool.

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    "Everything else is just music," says the Brucknerhaus. Because the acoustics in this building on the cultural mile are absolutely tremendous. The annual Bruckner Festival in Linz, Ansfelden and St. Florian is undisputedly outstanding, everyone should have seen and heard the Klangwolke, a special sound and light installation, once in a lifetime and the architecture of the Konzerthaus is - a matter of taste. Particularly worth noting are the festivals in the Brucknerhaus: the Brucknerhaus is in tune with the times at many locations.

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