Cultural hotspots in the steel city

Painting, music, murals & co 

Linz is an exciting destination for anyone interested in culture and has something to offer for fans of classical opera performances, as well as for those who are more interested in street art or want to be artistically active themselves.


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    The Höhenrausch ("high-altitude euphoria") is an art tour of a different kind: over the rooftops of Linz you can discover works of contemporary art and at the same time enjoy the view over the city. After a break, the event returns from July 3rd to September 15th, 2020.

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    In the past, the Tabikfabrik (literally the tobacco factory) actually produced tens of thousands of cigarettes a day but today the "fag factory" is a hotspot of Linz's creative scene. The Tabakfabrik is not only the home of artists, clubs and architects, but also a popular location for performances and events of all kinds.

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    Musiktheater am Volksgarten

    The most modern opera house in Europe can be seen and heard. By the way, this also applies to public viewing in the Volksgarten next door. The ideas of the KlangFoyer for watching and listening, as well as those of the "Hör-Bar", are really cool.

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    Mural Harbor

    The Mural Harbor in Linz proves that art does not just have to be in museums. You can walk llong the harbour gallery on your own, drive past the graffiti by boat or even have a go with a spray can yourself after a guided tour.

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    Lentos Art Museum

    The Lentos Art Museum not only exhibits modern and contemporary works, but is also one of the most noteworthy architectural buildings in the steel city. Have a look!

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