Off into the water!

For mermaids and mermen

In a big city like Vienna, there are lots of swimming pools but only a few have cool bars and culinary delights with urban flair. We show you the most central places to jump into a pool or the Danube when it is very hot – not forgetting food and drink!


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    Badeschiff Wien

    In addition to the Holy Moly restaurant and the Adidas Runbase, the Badeschiff ("bathing ship") is the location of the city's most central swimming pool. For 5 Euro you can jump into the 27 long and 7 metre wide pool or sit at the edge of the swimming pool from 08:00 am until 08:00 pm (or on very hot days until 10:00 pm). Then sit on the sundeck and enjoy both the sunbathing and the good food on the Holy Moly. 


    © Stögmüller
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    From a sandy beach into the Danube? No problem. Well-known bars and restaurants such as Figar, Le Troquet or G'Schupfte Ferdl have found a summer location in the old Copa Cagrana. It's not just great food, like "Mozzarella in Carrozza" at The Cheese Cab or "Bio Mangalitza Salsiccia" at the Figar geht Baden. Cocobello has the best cocktails and if you fancy a real Italian aperitivo, head to the Panini Grill. And if you feel too hot after so much food you can simply jump into the New Danube - enjoy!

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    Vienna City Beach Club

    Party on the ship - beach and chill on the jetty. During the day, it is a great place to relax and in the evening it is the perfect location for beautiful sunsets. There are also often parties here. With cool beats from well-known DJs, you can really burn the candle at bth ends here.

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