Restaurants and cafés you must know in Innsbruck!

New hotspots, rustic inns, secret gourmet tips


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    Bergisel Sky Restaurant

    With a little bit of luck a ski jumper will fly past below while you are eating your breakfast egg. A meal in the Restaurant Sky at the Bergisel ski jump is an absolute must-do! Because, surrounded by glass, you have the best view over the city and the ski jump. And because you can’t order a more creative signature dish in any other restaurant: the Bergisel cake in ski jump look!

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    Café Bar Moustache

    Café Moustache is one of the most original places in Innsbruck. As a place of pilgrimage for the student crew, guests are also attracted to its visual appearance: Jungle Book in a Biedermeier casket describes it quite well. If you can't imagine it: come by, be amazed and breathe in the vibe!

    ©Ute Niedermayr
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    Oscar kocht

    There are those places that are so great that you want to keep them to yourself. The 8-seat restaurant Oscar kocht is one such place. A table, a couple of odd chairs, six courses, 36 Euro. And Oscar cooks Mediterranean cuisine and serves it with organic wines from Austria. An insider tip, so don't tell anyone but best book now!

    ©Oscar kocht
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    The Buzihütte is quaint, quirky and lies in the middle of the forest. Nevertheless the people of Innsbruck come here regularly to the outskirts of the city. Especially to the terrace in summer. And for the “Knödel-Tris” (three different kinds of dumpling) or to the “Eiterbeule” (a specially stuffed schnitzel) made according to a secret recipe. You have to find out for yourself what that is exactly. One thing is clear: it tastes great!

  5. 5

    Market Hall

    Twelve shelves just with Tyrolean bacon, dumplings in the most absurd variations: if you want to taste the Tyrolean Alps, you have to go to the market hall! The stallholders have a story to tell about each product quasi and are happy to let you taste it. And if you like it, take it home with you as a souvenir!

    ©TVB Innsbruck / Mario Webhofer

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