Ring stories

Museums, palaces, theatres, cafés and other important institutions rub shoulders with each other here.


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    Neue Burg

    The Neue Burg is part of the Vienna Hofburg and is located between Burggarten and Heldenplatz. Actually, a second castle should have been built opposite, but the planned Imperial Forum was never completed. This does not seem to disturb anybody, as the Neue Burg impresses all visitors as it is. Today, much of the building is used by the Austrian National Library.

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    The Volksgarten can be found right next to the Burggarten. And no, we do not mean the well-known disco club. The Volksgarten is an inviting place to relax and enjoy in the middle of the city: rest your legs and let your mind wander as you look at the blooming rose garden. Not to be overlooked is the temple of Theseus, which is a miniature replica of the Hephaestus temple in Athens.

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    Café Meierei im Volksgarten

    The Meierei in the City Park describes itself as the "oasis at the pulse of the city". Every season from the beginning of April to the end of September, the Meierei treats its guests to a rather classic menu. Above all, however, the Meierei attracts its guests with a spot in the sun in one of the most beautiful parks in Vienna.

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    Café Landtmann

    In 1873 Franz Landtmann founded Vienna's largest and most elegant coffee house. The first address on the Ring, overlooking the Burgtheater, University and Parliament, has always been able to count celebrities from all areas of life amongst its regular guests. If it used to be such great figures as Peter Altenberg, Sigmund Freud, Marlene Dietrich or Romy Schneider who visited the café, today one encounters above all the grandees of politics. Half of the parliament drinks coffee here, close to its citizens. By the way, since 1953 there has been a small but fine theatre in the basement which answers to the name of "Neue Tribüne".

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    Theseus temple

    Once again Vienna has to says thank you to the Habsburgs that you don't have to go to Athens to see Greek gods. Because this small temple was built at the request of Emperor Franz I as a miniature replica of the Theseion in Athens. The neighbouring Kunsthistorisches Museum has been using the temple for several years for a series of exhibitions.

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