The beach village

The coolest activities in the Beach Village


©Bernhard Horst
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    Organics by Red Bull Area

    Cool down with a swim in the pool. Then chill over a cool bitter lemon at the bar. And then: sunbathe in a deckchair. The ORGANICS by Red Bull Area is the chill-out zone of the Beach Village.

    ©Beach Majors - Bernhard Horst
  2. 2

    Millenium City FlipLab Trampoline

    Three by five metres full of power! After the games on court, the Olympic trampoline with bungee lunge is the secret favourite for action in the Area. Just go there, take off your shoes and start jumping like in the Olympics!

    ©Team Rekreáció

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First the ball, then the burger

Charming beaches for hip lifestyle people who and want to indulge in epicurean delights after the game. It is a matter of taste as to which is the most beautiful beach.  Best to simply just try them all!

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Serve for Vienna’s sports centres

The Viennese sports centres offer everything. Here you can concentrate on your game – the courts are in a top condition and professionally equipped. It is worth making a reservation.

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Be active in Favoriten

Action in Vienna's most populated district 

The Wienerberg is part of the 10th district and holds some treasures that are even unknown to the Viennese. Extensive walks, a round of golf and good bourgeois cuisine - all this can be experienced in the working class district of Favoriten if you are tired of classical sightseeing.

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Burn off energy

If you want to go to the limits and push your body that little bit further, than join one of the running groups or boot camps in Vienna – you will definitely get fit that way!

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