The best ice cream spots in the city

Classical gelato, experimental ice cream and frozen organic yoghurt


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    The Eisdieler is by far the most futuristic ice cream shop in Austria. The varieties Magic Unicorn, Black Androgyn or Naughty Nuts are served in black wafers. The design of the salon is reminiscent of an electro disco. Cool, hip and ice cream that is not from this world!

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    If varieties like basil ice cream with a touch of lavender don’t melt in your mouth, the Surace is just the right place for you. Here classical ice cream has been served since 1960 by the Surace family from Calabria. Italo holiday flair just like in Rimini!

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    Dods Frozen Wonderland

    The Dods Frozen Wonderland is the little maverick amongst the ice salons. Here you can find frozen yogurt in organic quality and more than 70 colourful toppings. Valrhona strawberry ganache with Tasmanian mountain pepper, for example. Or Parmesan with lemon dust. Sounds weird? But it tastes good - so come by and try it for yourself!

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    Allergy sufferers and organic fans will be thrilled by the Eis-Greissler on the Spittelwiese. The ingredients come from the region and are partly vegan. If you dare, try hemp, pumpkin seed oil or beetroot. Everyone else: you just have to taste the Linzer cake variety!


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