The best outdoor locations in summer

Restaurants, galleries, open-air rooftop bars


  1. 1

    Die Sandburg

    Beach kisses bathing cap kisses bar. The people of Linz chill in the Sandburg after work, drinking a spritzer to live music. It is especially nice here on Tuesday evenings when Salsa fans whirl through the sand to Latino sounds. Everybody is welcome!

    ©Linz Tourismus, Robert Josipovic
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    Google what time the sun sets, pack some snacks and stomp up the Freinberg. From the Franz-Josefs-Warte (attention: creaking wooden stairs!) you have the most beautiful view over the city. And with a little bit of luck you'll be all alone up there!

    ©c Linz Tourismus_Johann Steininger
  3. 3

    Mural Harbor

    The Mural Harbor in Linz proves that art does not just have to be in museums. You can walk llong the harbour gallery on your own, drive past the graffiti by boat or even have a go with a spray can yourself after a guided tour.

  4. 4

    Watch the flames from the Pöstlingberg

    The sky over Linz is alight every half hour. Above the industrial area of the voestalpine, white columns of smoke suddenly flash into the night and the sky turns glowing red. You have the best view of the spectacle from the Pöstlingberg. Don't forget your wine bottle and camera!

  5. 5

    Salonschiff Fräulein Florentin

    The Fräulein Florentine is a bar and restaurant on a boat. It bobs leisurely up and down the banks of the Danube. In summer the open deck is the place to be for sun worshippers and the favourite place for Linz’s breakfast crew. Sometimes the Florentine also hosts concerts, performances and readings. One of the most original places in Linz – definitely reserve a table in advance!


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