Vienna’s traditional cafés

With Viennese cuisine and desserts

Many of the most famous coffeehouses still bake according to old Viennese confectioners’ tradition or recipes handed down over generations. In the stylish atmosphere of vast city palaces, there is no better place to enjoy a Viennese melange with a slice of cake and the day’s newspaper. Digitalisation or not!


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    Café Central

    The Café Central in the Palais Ferstel, opened in 1876, is still known today as optically the most beautiful of all traditional Viennese coffee houses. Its impressive architecture with its many columns is based on the Italian Trecento architecture and is a popular tourist magnet. Its famous guests from the worlds of art, literature, politics and science used to call it not just a café, but a "world view".

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    Café Mozart

    Since its founding in 1794, this grand café has enjoyed a lively history and opened Vienna’s very first outdoor dining area! Even today, it is highly popular with visitors to Vienna, as well as local politicians, writers and artists. Its historical furnishings with wood panelling, velvet fabric covers, chandeliers and mirrors, along with the outdoor dining area overlooking the Albertina are simply divine. The desserts from the in-house confectioner are highly recommended!

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    Café Eiles

    This old Viennese café from 1840 with a certain young twist also comes with a long history, but it did not get the name it has today until 1901. For a long time, it was known for its grouchy waiters. In 2015, it was taken over by new management and underwent general renovations. The new coat of paint also brought a fresh, international charm into the coffeehouse and a great deal of popularity. The menu therefore not only includes Sacher sausages, but also tomatoes with mozzarella.

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    Café Diglas

    This traditional Viennese coffeehouse feels just 100 steps away from St. Stephen’s Cathedral and also boasts a charming, historical interior. It is especially popular for its lunch menu based on typical Viennese cuisine along with numerous cakes and desserts made using Grandma’s home recipe from the in-house bakery. In the evenings from 7 p.m., you can also indulge in some live piano music with a good glass of Diglas wine.

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    Café Savoy

    Dating back to 1896, this café is situated in a Viennese city palace at the Naschmarkt, directly next to the Majolikahaus, the magnificent building from Otto Wagner. Thanks to its open coffeehouse culture, Viennese cuisine and cakes, it is a popular stop for tourists, artists and the LGBT community alike. Constructed in a Neo-Renaissance style, it boasts stunning architecture, Theophil Hansen chandeliers and the largest wall mirrors after the Palace of Versailles. A perfect backdrop for photos and films!

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    Café Prückel

    At just over 100 years old, this grand café on the magnificent boulevard of Vienna’s Ringstrasse is steeped in tradition. After the Second World War, the front part was redesigned by Oswald Haerdtl, a prominent 1950s Viennese designer and architect. This gem has retained all of its details, right down to the perforated, conical reading lamp, Jugendstil ceiling and Lobmeyr chandeliers. An ideal café and place to peruse daily newspapers, and in the evening, perfect for art and culture.

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    Conditorei Sluka

    The Conditorei Sluka on Kärntner Strasse is an exceptional Jugendstil highlight. Originally opened in 1891 on today’s Rathausplatz, and very popular with Empress Sisi, it received an additional annex in 2017. Entirely in line with the motto “Preserving the old, creating the new”, it was elaborately restored, with the precious Jugendstil work coming to light just by chance. It is a wonderful place to enjoy delicate confectionery and delicious coffee in style!

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    Konditorei Oberlaa

    The Konditorei Oberlaa location in Vienna’s city centre has been completely renovated and generally restored. This distinguished coffeehouse shines in a new light with a very refined interior and well-stocked display case of desserts from its in-house patisserie. The fruit dumplings as well as the Laa Kronen, based on Paris’ macaroons, in their many bright colours and with a range of different fillings are a true insider’s tip.

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