Vienna's younger cafés

With that special touch!


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    Sacher Eck

    The famous Sacher interpreted in a modern way! The new Sacher Eck has been given a surprisingly modern touch. Only one thing tastes as good as before: the famous Original Sacher Cake with a cup of Viennese Melange. My personal insider tip are the new box seats with a direct view of the Vienna State Opera, perfect for beautiful souvenir photos.

    ©Café Sacher Eck
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    Café Westend

    Opened in 1895, this café directly opposite the Westbahnhof shines in new splendour, without losing the old Viennese coffee house flair. The walls have received a new coat of paint, the upholstered furniture a new cover and the menu was adapted to meet today's demand. For me an insider tip for a typical Viennese breakfast on Sunday.

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    In this so-called "multi-generation operation" you will not only find coffee in old cups from the 60s, but also a wide variety of cakes according to grandma's good home recipe. Even the interior is reminiscent of the home of our own grandparents. You are served by charming pensioners supported by young students - a truly different experience!

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    La Mercerie

    In a former pharmacy in the heart of the trendy Servitenviertel you will find La Mercerie, which comes very close to Parisian charm. The display case is filled to overflowing with delicious croissants, pain au chocolat, bread and baguettes. Also the desserts, such as macaroons, éclairs and tartes which arrive daily fresh from Paris, are also worth a small sin!

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    Café der Provinz

    Here you'll find the best crepes in town! The funny-looking restaurant (I would call it shabby chic with a vintage touch) radiates something very French and cosy! The heart of the café is a big bar, where you can watch how the delicious sweet crepes and the spicy galettes are made.

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    Café Telegraph

    This café is located in a former post office branch just around the corner from the Church of Vows. A bright yellow letterbox and wall decorations inside are reminiscent of the good old post. However, the café is famous among gourmet insiders for its homemade eclairs in at least six different varieties! I often just pass by for a quick coffee at the bar and disappear again with a take-away box of the wonderful eclairs.


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