Viennese Grand Cafés

Traditional coffee house culture

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    Café Sacher

    Thanks to the famous Sacher-Torte, this café is probably still the best-known and the most visited Viennese coffee house among Viennese guests, with a tradition dating back to 1832. As it is often almost impossible to get a place in the Sacher café for this reason, I prefer to visit the newly opened Sacher Eck.

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    Café Schwarzenberg

    Founded in 1861, this café is Vienna's oldest Ringstrasse café and, like other traditional cafés, has not only a unique impressive interior but also a pavement café. The coffee specialities served are all of Fair Trade quality and the range in the pastry display case is large. I myself particularly love the cultural programme on offer, consisting of vernissages, concerts or readings.

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    Café Landtmann

    Founded in 1873, this Grand Café the Ring scores points thanks to its well-preserved historical interior with its famous seating boxes, upholstery, mirrors from the imperial era and charming piano musical accompaniment to the Viennese Melange. In the modern winter garden, which offers a view of the beautiful Burgtheater, I like to eat an original Viennese apple strudel. The pride and joy of the café’s own patisserie!

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    Café Central

    The Café Central in the Palais Ferstel, opened in 1876, is still known today as optically the most beautiful of all traditional Viennese coffee houses. Its impressive architecture with its many columns is based on the Italian Trecento architecture and is a popular tourist magnet. Its famous guests from the worlds of art, literature, politics and science used to call it not just a café, but a "world view".

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    Café Sperl

    Although the popular Sperl, opened in 1880, has now undergone a general renovation, the patina of the old days can still be felt in this Viennese café. The historical bar, the box seats with the upholstery or the billiard tables (mostly full of daily newspapers and magazines) recall the coffee house tradition of the past. A popular meeting place for architects, artists, musical stars and actors!


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