Vitamin-Boost to go

The easiest way to enjoy a full load of fruit and vegetables after exercise is a freshly squeezed juice or smoothie. It saves you all the peeling and cutting in the kitchen and you can immediately switch to just relaxing.


©Juice Factory
  1. 1

    Juicedeli Saftmanufaktur

    The Juicedeli, Austria’s first organically certified juice manufacturer, first opened in the charming Raimundhof in Vienna’s 6th district a few years ago. There you can also try the new trendy drink from the USA, a ginger shot. Not only the stars and starlets swear by it!

    ©Juicedeli Saftmanufaktur
  2. 2

    Rauch Juice Bar

    The name “Rauch” in Austria is automatically associated with cool drinks. In the juice bar, which has since opened up seven shops in Austria and two in Germany, you can get the necessary vitamin kick from the juicy drinks with interesting names like “Adonis”, “Beach Body” and “Yoga Relax”. 

    ©Rauch Juice Bar
  3. 3

    Juice Factory

    If you walk along the Viennese Ring, past the city’s great landmarks or through the small alleyways, you might even pass the Juice Factory by chance - because there are three shops in the first district alone. There is also another branch at Vienna Airport for anyone sprinting to the gate at Terminal 3.

    ©Juice Factory
  4. 4

    Mentorix Saftbar

    Under the motto "Enjoy a short break", the Mentorix Juice Bar sells juices, smoothies, frappées and other delicacies. What we also love is their dedication to helping people with disabilities as the Mentorix Juice Bar.helps them to become job-fit. 

    ©Mentorix Saftbar
  5. 5

    Kenny's World of Juices

    It is also possible to refuel yourself with “vitamins to go” outside of Vienna’s “bobo” areas. For example at Kenny’s World of Juices in Vienna’s 10th district, where there are also plenty of areas where you can run for miles. 

    ©Kenny's World of Juices

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