Excursions into the green countryside surrouding Vienna

These excursion suggestions are so diverse that they will certainly fill all of your free days. Long bathing days, prolonged walks and wonderfully fresh forest air are all reasons to drive out to the green countryside around Vienna.


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    You can either walk up the Kahlenberg (the city walk 1 starts from the terminus of the tram in Nussdorf) or drive up the famous Höhenstrasse comfortably by public bus. And anyone who walks at least one direction truly deserves the reward at the end:  great views and real Viennese vineyards – you will not find that in any other metropolis in the world.

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    The Vienna Woods

    The beautiful spa town of Baden with its imperial flair was worth a weekend trip even in Beethoven's time. It wasn’t only the Viennese nobility, Stefan Zweig and Crown Prince Rudolf, for example, who used to drive to the Vienna Woods for a rest. The Badner Bahn has been running for over 100 years and even today – starting from the State Opera in Vienna - it is a good way to slowly prepare oneself for the baroque flair of Baden. Travel time: one hour, but worth it. It is also worth staying a while as Baden has a lot of culture, nature and its "yellow gold" (the healing thermal suphur springs)!

    ©NÖ Werbung/Michael Liebert

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For sport lovers

There is no room for fashion-loving gourmets here - sand, sun and fun count on Vienna's public beach volleyball courts. You have to bring the net yourself, but often other players have already put one up!

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Out of the city

The countryside is really so close! Pack some tasty food or order a ready-made picnic basket – and off you go in search of nature. 

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Summer tips on the outskirts of Vienna

Let's go south!

The largest subterranean lake on the continent, idyllic places in the heart of industrial centres and a bathing lake with plenty of action – above all in summer a visit to the city’s southern borders is well worthwhile.

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Chill-out beaches in the heart of the city

Sand and drinks 

Stick your feet in the sand in the centre of the city and drink a margarita while doing so? Yes, that is possible, with good food and great music into the bargain.

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