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The temperatures are rising, the days are getting longer and so the amount of ice cream I eat is suddenly skyrocketing. This is mainly because Vienna, in addition to its legendary cakes, also has damn good ice cream to offer! If you ask me, then there is nothing better on a hot summer's day to find a shady spot with one, two or (if the heat calls for it) three balls of ice cream and simply just enjoy it! Or what about rewarding yourself after a day of meetings with a FroYo or a Viennese iced coffee as the crowning glory? One way or another: ice cream always works!

And because sharing is caring, today I will give you my absolute ice cream insider tip!  No matter whether you fancy vegan poppy -seed ice cream, a scoop of authentic Fior di Latte or even a portion of Matcha Frozen Yogurt, here there is something for every taste! And by the way, while we're at it, in Vienna an ice cream cornet is also known as a “Stanitzel”. 

If you are looking for me, you will find me sitting beside the Danube Canal with a scoop of both "Strawberry Fields Forever" and "Salted Caramel". You want to know where I get my absolutely favourite ice cream?  I'll tell you here! But shhh!,  don’t tell anyone. ;)

The hipsters

In addition to the classic, old-established ice cream parlours, a lot has happened in recent years on the Viennese ice cream scene. These ice cream shops are located - how could it be otherwise - in the particularly hip areas of the city! In addition to unusual flavours of ice cream such as avocado, caramel pretzel or pumpkin seed oil, the parlours themselves are a real eye-catcher! If you also want to do without dairy products and try my favourite ice cream mentioned above, Veganista is the place to go – as the name suggests, all the ice creams are vegan! At the other end of the ice spectrum is, if you take it literally, not ice cream but frozen yogurt. Kurt in the 1st district offers several varieties, like Matcha FroYo. And do you know what is especially cool here? You can choose the toppings for your FroYo according to your mood. (A little insider tip: the combination of raspberries, flaked almonds and brownie crumbles is amazing!)

Die Hippen unter den Eissalons | © Veganista

The hip ice cream parlours

Hip and unusual

Pimp my ice cream differently for a change. You want to eat more than just ice cream? No matter whether vegan, FroYo or in a particularly stylish setting: here you are in the right place!

Discover now

The authentic ones

You get the best ice cream in Italy? Whoever says that has never been to one of the following ice cream parlours in the centre of Vienna! Ice cream is made here in the traditional way and with a lot of love. And you can taste that with every bite! Unlike in my beloved hip ice cream parlours, here I go for the true classics. Because a large scoop of Cioccolato ice cream from Leones is a bit of a revelation, I promise you. Taste it and thank me later! And if you happen to be near the city park, then drop by at Vidoni and taste your way through the ice cream menu! Because here they do not only produce good ice cream, but also place great value on the use of regional ingredients. And I always give that a special plus!

Die Authentischen Eisdielen | © Lisa und Giorgio

The authentic ice cream parlours

Quality you can taste

Traditional skills and the best ingredients are of paramount importance in these ice cream parlours. 

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The blogger was born in Salzburg but has been living and working in Vienna since 2010. If she is not currently busy exploring the city’s hotspots, then she is writing the food blog She is not only inspired by regular visits to the various farmers’ markets and regional producers, but also in her favourite Viennese coffee houses. And when the city gets a little bit too loud, then she off she goes out into the countryside with Ferdinand, her dog!

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