The best running groups in Vienna


Who says that you can only experience Vienna on a classical sightseeing tour? Pack your running shoes in your suitcase and experience the city from a new perspective. For what you might not have known: Vienna is a city of runners, no matter where you go. And because doing sports together is even more fun, you can easily join like-minded people and rediscover Vienna with one of the many running groups! The best part: the choice is huge, whether you are a beginner or more advanced, an early bird or a night owl. There is certainly a running group that suits you.

Flexible running groups

By running in a group which tests different routes, even "real Viennese" get to know unknown places. Visitors to Vienna, whether they are staying in Vienna for just a short or longer time, see completely different facets of the city. With changing venues and routes, there is no routine and there is something new every time. So also a great tip for regular visitors to Vienna!

Every week a new place

Discover new routes on the run

There are so many beautiful sides of Vienna to discover that it is worth changing your running routine.

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Early bird instead of a late riser!

An invigorating training session at sunrise will make you fit for the day. The running groups in Schönbrunn or the Prater are ideal to recharge your batteries and get going.

Running groups for early risers

An active start to the day

Lots of runners make the most of the early morning, especially in the summer months. Vienna’s lush green oases come into their own in the cool morning air.


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For every level

Everyone starts at the bottom and therefore has to overcome many hurdles - even in running. But also advanced runners sometimes have difficulty in keeping up their training rhythm. In a running group you motivate each other to stay on the ball.

From the beginning to a routine

Running for every level

Here the idea of doing some sport is in the foreground. It's not just about your performance, it's about solidarity and mastering the running route in a team. Together it's easier!

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Walter Kraus

Walter Kraus is a sports and nutrition scientist and has been bringing amateur sportsmen and women into action with his company Runtasia ( since 2005. In addition, he shares his experiences and knowledge on a weekly basis on his info channel ( For him, running is more about the experience than the result at the end. Because the most important thing about running is that it is fun and gives you energy. In Vienna he has found the city in which you can have the best running experiences!


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