A quiet spot please!

Lie back and relax

After all your hard work – sightseeing and co – it really is time to find a quiet place to relax. Why not grab a book and make yourself comfortable?




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    Here you will find the uncovered remains of the former Stubentor, a gateway to the city. In addition to impressive buildings such as the Dominican monastery or the former Post and Telegraph Office, there is also a large plane tree, which has been a declared Viennese natural monument since 1994. By the way, last farewells were bidden here  to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on his way to St. Marx Cemetery in 1791.

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    Two magnificent pavilions are situated opposite each other on the promenade in the City Park. They are among the attractions of the park and were - together with the river portal and riverbank steps - planned by the architects Friedrich Ohmann and Josef Hackhofer. The pavilions are not only beautiful to look at but also provide protection from the summer sun and unexpected rain.

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    Formerly a greenhouse, today the Palmenhaus in Vienna's Burggarten is a popular café. Here you can relax and drink your coffee whiile looking into the green Burggarten. There is also something for art lovers: projections by the visual art duo Luma.Launisch.

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    Arkadenhof of Vienna University

    The Arkadenhof is reason enough to take a look into the University of Vienna. This courtyard invites you to relax and get to know people - and not just students: here you will find more than 154 busts and monuments. For 650 years only male scholars were found here. Since June 2016 women scientists like Charlotte Bühler and Lise Meitner have joined the male busts.

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Green areas and parks are the ideal places to get to know the quiet side of Vienna’s inner city. Whether on a picnic blanket or a shady bench, you can really relax in Vienna’s parks.

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