Followig Sisi's footsteps in the gardens of Schönbrunn Palace

Monuments and fountains

If you are not so interested in botany, then you can pay all your attention to the statues and fountains. A great favourite is the Neptune fountains. Don’t forget your camera!


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    Emperor Maximilian of Mexiko

    A Habsburg emigrated to rule Mexico, was accused of war crimes and executed, but supposedly continued to live. Legends and conspiracy theories surround the younger brother of Emperor Franz Joseph, and even Édouard Manet dedicated a work to the "execution of Emperor Maximilian of Mexico".

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    Neptune Fountain

    The Neptune Fountain, almost 100 m in length, is a popular photo subject. At the foot of the "Schönbrunner mountain" in the park of Schönbrunn Palace, it forms a beautiful picture with the Gloriette at the top. The fountain is named after the sea god Neptune, who is depicted on a carriage made of shells.

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    The restored original of the Englbrunnen (the "angels' fountain) is in the castle itself. The copy of the shell-shaped fountain bowl made of Italian marble, however, is freely accessible to everyone. Originally the work of art is from the former pleasure palace of Emperor Maximilian II.

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    Obelisk Fountain

    The fountain basin and the overlying rock grotto are inhabited by river gods. Four turtles carry the obelisk to symbolise the connection between heaven and earth - an expression of the divine. Turtles? Yes! They are considered to be a sign of the stability of the rule of the House of Habsburg.

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    Schönbrunn Statues

    On the large ground floor in Schönbrunn Palace there are 32 equally high statues on pedestals, which represent mythological or historical figures. Therefore the goddess of agriculture, fertility, marriage and death is found together with Bacchus, the god of viticulture and vegetation, next to Aeneas, who is carrying his paralysed father Anchises in their flight from Troy.

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