From the fool's tower to jail

Torture or being a fool

Goosebumps, mild to moderate nausea and subsequent restless dreams are to be expected here, if you let yourself be guided through the Fool's Tower or realize in the Torture Museum how cruel people can be. But where, if not in Vienna, can there be museums with a morbid background? Once again: Yes, "death must be Viennese" ...


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    Narrenturm (The Fool’s Tower)

    You are led through the building that belongs to the Natural History Museum by future doctors in white coats. What you get to see here in terms of preparations, methods and bodily remains takes a lot of getting used to, and yet it is part of our (medical) history in Vienna. Those who are back outside are glad not to have belonged to the former "fools" and to be allowed to live in times with modern treatment methods.

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    The funeral museum knows marketing

    Vienna's Central Cemetery has its own funeral museum, which regularly attracts attention on social media with flippant sayings that really show off the morbid side of the Viennese. A small grim reaper as a souvenir or a mouth-nose protection with "denying Corona secures jobs" are the current hits.

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    The Torture Museum

    "Documents of human cruelty"; you can see them in the Torture Museum - if you want to. Everything is historically documented, unfortunately. The fact that the museum is located on Fritz-Grünbaum-Platz, whose namesake - one of the most famous Austrian librettists - was driven out and killed by the Nazis, is a stale aftertaste, in my personal opinion.

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    The Crime Museum

    One of the oldest houses in Leopoldstadt is the beautiful location for the crime museum. Maid killers and anarchist horror, attacks on the emperor or poison stories - the evil stories and exhibits go back to the Middle Ages. The beautifully renovated building scores with its great circulating "Pawlatsche" (wooden balconies) in the inner courtyard, as known from the time of Nestroy and Mozart in Vienna.

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