Gustav Klimt's public contracts in Vienna

His start as an artist by order of the Emperor


©Bwag/Wikimedia Commons
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    Together with his brother Ernst and his friend Franz Matsch (who designed the Anchor Clock at Hoher Markt), Klimt was allowed to work on the ceiling painting of the then completely new court theatre. As a visitor to the theatre or on a guided tour you can thus see the frescoes and also the only self-portrait of Klimt - but very high up.

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    Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

    For the ceiling paintings in the Burgtheater, the young artists received the Emperor's Cross of Merit and two years later the next major commission: to produce paintings in the staircase of the huge Kunsthistorisches Museum. Again very high up: at a height of 12 metres - but with a museum telescope, no problem!

    ©Verkehrsbüro Group
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    Hermes Villa

    Another early work by the young Gustav: he should decorate the Hermes Villa in the Lainzer Tiergarten to make it attractive for Empress Sisi. The emperor really tried everything to keep his wife in Vienna - but his attempts were unfortunately futile. Despite Klimt in Sisi’s gymnastics room.


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