Leisure and Nature

The whole palace park as a relaxing oasis


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    Panorama train

    If you don't want to go jogging or go for a walk, you can also explore the palace park and its attractions with the panorama train. A full round trip takes you to nine stations, including the zoo, the Palm House and the Tyrolean Garden. I think its’s a wonderful idea for families with small children!

    ©Daniel Zupanc
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    The fountains of Schönbrunn

    The beautiful Neptune Fountain lies at the foot of the Gloriette hill. This group of figures with the sea god Neptune in a shell carriage is located directly above a rocky grotto and, with the Gloriette in the background, is a popular photo location. Not far from here you can discover the Roman Ruin in the middle of a romantic garden design, as well as the Obelisk Fountain. The latter was equipped with false, meaningless hieroglyphs, because hieroglyphs could only be deciphered from 1822.

    ©Schloss Schoenbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H. Alexander Eugen Koller
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    The Privy Garden

    A further attraction is the Privy Garden, a lowered part of the garden with large-scale formal flower beds and borders, extending from the east façade of the palace. The garden was named after the apartment for Crown Prince Rudolf on the ground floor of the palace. Here you will find impressive broderie beds as well as valuable specimens from the citrus collection of the Federal Gardens. I personally particularly like the pavilions built in 1750 with the artistically carved slatted constructions.

    ©Schloss Schoenbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H. Alexander Eugen Koller
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    The Maze

    The maze, reconstructed according to historical plans, consists of paths between narrow, high hedges and is fun for both young and old. For example, you can use your fingers to trace various labyrinth patterns or perform simple jumping tasks. A giant kaleidoscope with various optical distortions, a climbing wall for the sporty people amongst you, as well as a mathematical puzzle are further highlights in this part of the garden. 

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    The Palm House

    The Schönbrunn Palm House is the last and largest of its kind in Europe and was commissioned by Emperor Franz Joseph I. Not only the colourful tropical plants are impressive, but also the imposing iron construction dating back to late historicism. It is also fascinating that the temperatures required for each plant are achieved by means of a steam heating system. The palm garden is also a must!

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    The open-air swimming pool in Schönbrunn

    You won't believe it, but my real insider tip is the Schönbrunn open-air swimming pool just above the obelisk fountain. Where little Franz Joseph once learned to swim, you can now relax in a beautiful green area, cool off on hot Vienna days or chill out in the evening after your sightseeing tour. The special highlights are not only the comfortable loungers, but also the 50m sports pool!

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