Running events in Vienna which are fun

When time and speed are not the most important things


©Wildsau Dirt Run
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    Love birds immediately highlight the month of April in their calendar. The Loverun in the Prater is all about the love of running, the love for your partner, your friend or a potential flirt. One of the event’s particular highlights is namely the “Blind Date” category for singles.

    ©Harald Tauderer
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    Wildsau Dirt Run

    A run with fun factor ten – in the dirt and over stick and stone. The Austrian-wide series of runs with its dirt and obstacle course starts in June in Vienna’s Schwarzenberg Park. A cool experience for both participants and spectators!

    ©Christine Ostermann
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    Muddy Angel Run

    Also an obstacle course, but for women only! In September, the Europe-wide fun sports event will stop at the Krieau trotting track. Mud, water, foam and funny obstacles included!

    ©Nils Ohlendorf
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    Him & Her Run

    Four kilometres for her – high five – four kilometres for him. The relay race of all relay races takes place in the Prater in November. Couples, siblings, couples which are “somehow” related, friends, parents with their children or workmates – the main thing is that male and female run as a team.

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    Christmas Run

    Mid-December, that is in the middle of the Advent season, one day is not about Christmas cookies and punch but about being active. At the Christmas Run in the Prater you start either for the Christkind Team or Santa Claus Team (pointed cap or halo included). The net proceeds go to the Sterntalerhof, a hospice for chronically ill children.

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