The best ice cream parlours in Graz

Ice cream tips in Graz


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    Die Eisperle

    The Eisperle is the first purely vegan ice cream parlour in Graz. The varieties made from coconut, rice, soya or oat milk are freshly prepared every day; most of the ingredients come from organic production. Tip: the bestseller in 2019 is Prosecco ice cream!

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    From classic to weird - Sax ice cream has the whole range. The ingredients come from the region, the scoops of ice cream are called violet, saffron pine or nero. There is low-calorie ice cream for fasting and ice ceam with activated carbon. Defnitely try the ice cream shakes and ice cream coffees!

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    Pitch black ice cream in a dark cornet? Or would you prefer the neon blue ice cream doughnut? The Eisbaron is the cool checker amongst the Graz ice cream parlours and stands out from the rest of the Frost Gang with its creative creations. Have the courage -  the combinations taste really good!

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    Charly Temmel Ice Cream

    Charly - the Ice Legend -Temmel lives in Graz and Los Angeles and is an institution in the city. For decades under the top league in the city, his ice cream needs no special effects. Tasting is allowed; cherry and coconut are the favourites!

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