Tips for families in Vienna

You have already been to the Prater, Stephan’s cathedral and the thermal baths? Then have a look here and find some inspiration for your next trip!


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    Technisches Museum

    Children and museums? They don‘t always go together well and often it takes a lot of persuading to get the little ones to enter a museum! But that should not be such a challenge for you in Vienna’s Technical Museum. Lots of interactive stations and impressive exhibition pieces will definitely appeal to the discoverer in every child. 

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    Haus des Meeres

    The children can go on a safari in the Haus des Meeres. Special guided tours will take the little ones through the big world of animals. But there are also plenty of unusual things to experience in addition to this tour of discovery – for example touching a real shark skin or seeing what a tortoise’s shell looks like from inside!

    ©Haus des Meeres/Günther Hulla
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    Danube Island cycle paths

    The Danube Island is sacred to the Viennese! Once the area was "only" the floodplain, but since the Danube has been regulated, the island is much more than just the excavation material from the bypass channel. It is a recreational paradise for the whole family – including four-legged friends - where you can not only swim, run and relax, but enjoy especially good cycling. It is over 40 kilometres long and also part of the popular Danube Cycle Route from Passau to Bratislava.

    ©WienTourismus/Christian Stemper
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    Dschungel Wien Café Bar

    The number one child-friendly place. The accompanying children's theatre Dschungel is itself worth a visit in any case. The café is designed for its small clientèle.  The seating is great for little ones and there is everything from curry to veggie burger. Breakfast until 2:00 pm!

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    Das Chadim

    Directly beside the Wienerberg lake, the Chadim family provides hungry people in search of relaxation with good classical Viennese food. The listed building is a place to feel good and some say that probably the best beef roulade in Vienna is served here.

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Ganz und gar kein Kinderkram

Musicals für Kinder sind oft besonders interaktiv und erzählen Geschichten, von denen auch Erwachsene noch etwas lernen können. Wir versuchen, euch die Qual der Wahl zu erleichtern und haben ein paar Highlights zusammengetragen:

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Mit den Kids ins Theater

Theater contra Smartphone. Sprechstücke contra Youtube und Marionetten contra japanische Anime Filme. Kein leichtes Unterfangen, aber in Wien ist man am allerbesten Wege: Seit jeher gibt es ein reiches Kindertheater-Angebot.

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Excursions into the green countryside surrouding Vienna

These excursion suggestions are so diverse that they will certainly fill all of your free days. Long bathing days, prolonged walks and wonderfully fresh forest air are all reasons to drive out to the green countryside around Vienna.

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