Heartfelt souvenirs from Vienna


Just like any other city or town, Vienna has a unique atmosphere, its own fragrance, unmistakable lanes, squares and buildings.

At the end of the trip everything has been visited and absolutely every angle explored. Before you return home, you only need souvenirs for those left at home and something to remember for yourself. But another "I Love Vienna" T-shirt or a cup with St. Stephan's cathedral on it? Will that really make anyone happy? Who knows ...

Here there are numerous opportunities to buy souvenirs with Viennese charm and history. You can definitely stay clear of the classic tourist shops. To be one of many - certainly not! You can find something unique and valuable in the many traditional and newly etablished manufactories. From porcelain to silver to sweets and soaps, there is a large selection of handcrafted products.


Viennese stories to take away

Anyone who strolls through Ottakring not only discovers Vienna's equivalent to Berlin’s “Kreuzberg", which is simply bursting with multiculturalism, but also the very traditional sides of Vienna. Around the Yppenplatz - the trendy district of Ottakring – there are many small factories and workshops. This is where – at the latest – you should realise that this city is a successful blend of different cultures. After a small brown coffee in one of the modern cafes right on the square, or a kebab "with a lot of spice", it's time to discover the traditional Viennese establishments in the heart of Ottakring. How about Viennese jam or a fashionable rag by a young designer?

Made-to-measure instead of mass production

Manufacturing in Ottakring

Ottakring is also famous for its creative spots. Which is why a few small manufacturing firms have set up their business there and will certainly provide you with a souvenir or two.

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A portion Viennese charm, if you please!

Who hasn’t already encountered the typical Viennese charm. There is hardly a real Viennese who does not speak the vernacular – it’s part of tradition to keep it alive. Perhaps a dictionary with Viennese expressions will help you understand the Viennese and their own particular charm. With a little bit practice, you will soon understand them. ;-)

The fact that the Viennese also see themselves as inhabitants of a vibrant cosmopolitan city is reflected in the strange reinterpretations of Vienna's culture. For example, words like "leiwand" are cleverly linked to things like T-shirts and bags – and there you already have a “leiwandes” (meaning "cool") souvenir!

But if you don’t want something so striking, then there are lots of other tasteful gifts. Culinary delicacies such as “Wiener Zuckerl” (Viennese sweets) not only sweeten the days after the holiday, but also the breaks between the sightseeing tours in and around the city centre. Isn’t it easier to carry on with some energy in your blood?


Local brands

Vienna to take home

The Viennese love their traditions. Local brands fill them with pride, especially when they are known internationally. Special souvenirs like this can be found in the heart of the city centre, not far from the Hotel Europa.

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The Viennese actor Hans Moser once said: "My heart is a picture book of Old Vienna." In keeping with this motto you should paint a picture of this city for yourself and in doing so create lots of beautiful memories. And to make sure they do not fade, just take a piece of Vienna home with you.

The Viennese heart in the right place

Handmade souvenirs

Spoilt for choice: there are so many beautiful things to buy in Vienna’s 5th and 6th districts! Perhaps it is best to choose one valuable piece – something homemade, because a lot of hard work and love went into it.

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Which souvenirs do people like to take home most? Are you a more a passionate collector or do you prefer useful gifts? We are curious to read your answers under the comments.

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Yogi Hagen

Yogi Hagen is an insatiable world traveller and a passionate cosmopolitan who feels at home in many places on this planet. For example, on one of her longer trips she took photos of travesty artists in Thailand. The journalist and photographer has been living in Vienna for several years, where she is also a fixed part of the queer community. She knows Vienna in all its facets and definitely knows which party you should not miss and where you can enjoy the best after-work drink.

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