In the heart of Vienna but in the countryside too


Vienna is a green oasis and anyone visiting Vienna can - if they want to – relax in the open air while enjoying culinary delights, reading a good book or even being physically active.

Zoos and parks in Vienna

The green side of the city

Whether zoo or park, there are many green spots outside of the city centre.


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Panda bears and monarchs

Schönbrunn and the district of Hietzing were not only the former home of Austrian monarchs, they also offer plenty of leisure activities in the countryside. The entire district looks like a small charming village that has nothing in common with the neighbouring city. Enchanted by the magic of yesteryear, it is easy to daydream and imagine walking with the Emperor and Empress through the park. Away from the regular tour for tourists, Schönbrunn and its surroundings offer a variety of special features for young and old. Whether the zoo, the open-air swimming pool or the palace gardens – there really is something for everyone here.

Enjoy Vienna from above

A picture postcard view

Whoever said that it is not possible to go hiking in the city was wrong. Walk up the Wilhelminenberg including a welcome break and a view over the whole city!

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At home in the mountains

On the opposite side of Hietzing it goes uphill in the direction of Wilhelminenberg. This is where physical activity really starts, because a perfect way to explore the hill or mountain is on foot. Once at the top, you have a unique panoramic view of Vienna and Schönbrunn. And after all that hard work, you can go to one of the hidden insider places. Here you can sit back, enjoy the view and relax with a refreshing glass of sparkling homemade elderberry juice. On the Wilhelminenberg you can also discover a stranded boat! Yes, that's right: a boat on the mountain - if there is such a thing, then certainly only in Vienna.

Swap the Giant Ferris Wheel for the green Kaiserwiese

Exchange the fairground for a footpath

The Prater, Vienna’s famous recreation area, can also be quiet and peaceful.  There is nothing to stop you going on a city hike – either with a picnic on the green Kaiserwiese, a walk along the main boulevard through the Prater or a stop in one of the restaurants on the way.

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Candy floss without a guilty conscience

The Viennese Prater is not only famous for its great fairground, but in addition to its many rides also offers numerous green oases for relaxation. Especially when the weather is nice you should grab a blanket and a good book and let the sun shine on your stomach with a bottle of rosé or something similar. In addition to lounging, the Prater is also a great place for the daily work-out. The Praterallee is home to many running routes. If that is too strenuous for you, just relax on a long walk. There is also a tennis court and a riding stable in the Prater. And if your stomach starts to rumble after the walk? Just turn left and sample Vienna’s best knuckles of pork and supposedly the best beer in the city. If the weather permits, you can eat outside in the beautiful garden.

Share your best tips for relaxation on your own travels! How do you combine your city trip with relaxation in the countryside?


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Born in Simmering in Vienna and a passionate young driver of Vienna’s horse-drawn carriages, he has a weakness for literature and stories from the backyard. He loves to show the city to strangers and to tell them stories that not everyone knows.  Ronni knows that Vienna is really a village. And he likes that at least as much as his job.

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