Swap the Giant Ferris Wheel for the green Kaiserwiese

Exchange the fairground for a footpath

The Prater, Vienna’s famous recreation area, can also be quiet and peaceful.  There is nothing to stop you going on a city hike – either with a picnic on the green Kaiserwiese, a walk along the main boulevard through the Prater or a stop in one of the restaurants on the way.


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    The Kaiserwiese stretches in front of the green Prater recreation area and the Würstelprater fairground. Urban ambience meets nature! Just right for a breather after a ride on the roller coaster ride including the best view of the Giant Ferris Wheel. Numerous events provide the lots of action. In addition to numerous concerts, this includes the Viennese Oktoberfest, which takes place every year in September.

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    Green Prater

    If you are longing for some greenery in the centre of the city, then the green Prater in the 2nd district is just the right place: 6 million m² where you can jog along the main boulevard, have a picnic on the grass of the Jesuitenwiese or simply sit on a pleasant bench. And, who knows, you may feel like visiting the Würstlprater - Vienna's famous amusement park - afterwards. 

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    Schweizer Haus

    In nice weather the restaurant garden in front of the Schweizer Haus is an inviting place to linger. The individual areas of the garden are the named after the municipal districts in Vienna. Sp learn the names and learn about the best attractions in each district. Tip: a knuckle of pork with mustard and horseradish and a large glass of cold beer are the Schweizer Haus classics.

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    City walk 9

    The 6 million m²  area of the green Prater is a great place to go for a walk! The route runs from Praterstern to the Freudenau and is 13 km long. It taks you along the tree-lined boulevard of the Prater Hauptallee and past the Lusthaus. A definite plus point on this walk: there are lots of places where you can stop for refreshment. 


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    The Café-Restaurant Lusthaus is a small oasis in the middle of the green Prater. The Baroque Pavilion is a historic place, which is easy to find: just walk along Prater Hauptallee to the yellow house. In the restaurant's own patisserie you can enjoy Viennese specialities and in the evening good wines, which round off a day in Vienna perfectly.

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