Superfood meets Schnitzel


Goulash, roast pork, schnitzel, cheese filled sausages, fried beef and onions, noodles, Sachertorte and apricot dumplings are just a few of the most famous Austrian dishes. The Viennese cuisine has the reputation of serving very good but also very hearty home cooking, which tastes delicious but is not necessarily high on the modern superfood scale. In traditional taverns and restaurants, roast pork and co are still a must and just have to be on the menu. But Vienna is slowly becoming a Mecca of modern regional cuisine which has a lot to offer, not only for meat eaters. For many Viennese, sustainability is very important. And as you know, the offer increases to keep up with demand.

The best from the region

Restaurants with local specialities

Local, sustainable, organic – this philosophy is very much alive in these restaurants. The suppliers and products are carefully selected and come from Austria.

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Regional is trump

More and more Viennese restaurants, snack bars and delicatessens rely on regional and seasonal products. In the heart of the city, not far from St. Stephan's Cathedral and the Opera, there are farmers’ markets, as well as vegetarian award-winning restaurants. If meat is on the menu, it comes from their own farm. Vegetables are seasonal and unsprayed, the bread is home-baked and the wonderful red wine is made from the vines of the Viennese vineyards.

Burger is not always burger

With all the dishes that have recently been available as vegetarian and vegan alternatives, one is especially experimented with in Vienna. And with the fast food classic par excellence: the hamburger. But not only the food is fairer and more environmentally friendly, but also the packaging and the interiors of the restaurants. New restaurants and snack bars have a convincing, completely new all-in-one concept. You immediately realize that the owners are in it with their heart and soul and are not just following a trend. The environment is protected, resources are saved. The focus is nonetheless on enjoyment. Sounds almost too good to be true.  A lot of these new venues can be found in the 5th and 6th districts. These central and creative districts offer a multitude of possibilities for a culinary journey of discovery.



Healthy food to go

Small but fine - markets and shops in Vienna

You don’t always have to go to the large markets to find what you are looking for. Small markets and pop-up stores have taken Vienna by storm.


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Austrians like to enjoy

A lot can be said about the Austrians, but one thing seems to be generally true: Austrians like to enjoy, be it a melange coffee or a small glass of wine with a good meal. We probably copied this trait from our Italian neighbours. And people who like to enjoy also pay attention to good ingredients. So it is not surprising that there is hardly another big city that has as many local farmers’ markets as Vienna. Here you can find fresh bread, cheese and seasonal food all year round - everything your heart desires.

Superfood concept stores

Many modern start-up companies have adopted the market business as a model for a new category of restaurant / delicatessen / catering, so-called food concept stores. These are sometimes hidden in smaller streets around the Naschmarkt. They offer fresh ingredients, ready-cooked meals, home-made spreads and jams. Mostly haggling does not happen, but you can sample to your heart's content. Are you looking for an original souvenir? Maybe a bottle of naturally cloudy apple juice or a jar of apricot jam to put in your suitcase? Then you still have a little bit of your Viennese vacation at home.



Enjoy without meat

Vegetarian and vegan restaurants

Nearly every district in Vienna has its own meatless restaurants. Whether vegan burger, cakes or vegetarian Viennese cuisine, there is also something for the meatless gourmet.


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No matter whether vegan, flexitarian, vegetarian, pescetarian or  slow food junkie - it it definitely worthwhile to go on a culinary trip of discovery in Vienna!  Tell us and the community about your favourite food trends and new creative restaurants. Or do you have any tips as to how you can find the best insider restaurants? The motto is always the same: sharing is caring!

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Yogi Hagen

Yogi Hagen is an insatiable world traveller and a passionate cosmopolitan who feels at home in many places on this planet. For example, on one of her longer trips she took photos of travesty artists in Thailand. The journalist and photographer has been living in Vienna for several years, where she is also a fixed part of the queer community. She knows Vienna in all its facets and definitely knows which party you should not miss and where you can enjoy the best after-work drink.

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