„Ausg´steckt is!“ or “The “Heuriger” is open!”

If people go to a “Heuriger” or wine tavern in Vienna, then it is not simply just to drink wine. They expect the typical Viennese convivial atmosphere, dim lighting, a hearty down-to-earth “Heuriger” buffet, a “G’spritzer” (white wine with sparkling water) and some lemonade. By the way, in a traditional Viennese wine tavern you fetch the food yourself from the buffet. And a real “Heuriger” always has a bushy bunch of fir twigs hanging above the door – that is the sign that it is open or “ausgesteckt” (which literally means the twigs are “stuck out”!).


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    The Heurigen in Stammersdorf

    You should start in the afternoon and also be good at walking because the best wine taverns are to be reached on foot. You can quickly find what you are looking for around the church on the main street, the Stammersdorfer Hauptstrasse, or in the famous Kellergasse with its many cellars, where above all in summer you have a beautiful view over Vienna from the roof gardens. But: check beforehand which Heuriger are open! Popular ones are Wieninger, Klager, Helm or Christl in the Kellergasse. OK?

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    The Heurigen in Grinzing

    Grinzing, which is often sung about, is very popular with busloads of tourists but you can also find secluded spots here and above all a good drop of wine. Anybody in search of a drink has always found what they were looking for on the Himmelstrasse or the Cobenzlgasse. Otherwise there are lots of other alternative wine taverns in the vineyards between Nussdorf and Heiligenstadt. 

    ©Wien Tourismus/Peter Rigaud
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    The Heurigen in Neustift am Walde

    In Neustift you will find some of those Viennese Heurigen that have been real institutions for years - such as the Schreiberhaus, Fuhrgassl-Huber or Zimmermann. In addition, Neustift is an elite residential area, but you will notice that anyway when you arrive there. And please note: in Vienna the wine taverns are called “Heuriger”, a name you will find nowhere else in Austria!

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