First class second-hand clothes

Second-hand designer clothes

Several luxury brands such as Chanel & Co can be found in these first-class second-hand shops.




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    Luxury is affordable in the Dejavu in the 1st district. On the rails you will find individual pieces from top designers and trendy labels. In this boutique you can immerse yourself from head to toe in the world of labels - the shop offers everything, from luxury handbags to exclusive footwear. And you don't have to have a guilty conscience when it's time to pay. 


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    Bocca Lupo

    Shop like the high society: Bocca Lupo in the 1st district offers luxury second-hand. There is a wide range of designer treasures to discover here. Who knows, while searching for the right outfit, there may also be an encounter with a familiar face from the Viennese in-crowd? Feel good about being part of the local VIP society!

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    Silvia Milano

    "Fashion is like architecture: the older, the prettier" - any vintage lover will agree with this quote without hesitation. Even people who don't really like second-hand can become vintage fans as soon as they enter the boutique Silvia Milano. The shop in the Schwertgasse offers second-hand quality fashion - from Yves Saint Laurent to Prada. Who will be the next proud wearer?
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    Second Hand

    The small boutique on the Krugerstraße is a family-run business. Secondhand fashion by labels such as Louis Vuitton or Prada has been sold for more than 20 years. The selection of second-hand luxury clothes always depends on the season. Browsing makes fun in any case, because the garments are well sorted.



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    More than "just" a dress can be found in Zweitkleid: the second-hand shop in the 7th district is a good place to shop away from the Mariahilfer Strasse. Here you will find high-quality and scarcely worn clothes, shoes and accessories from different labels. The shop has a comfortable and inviting atmosphere - a successful and welcome change from the hustle and bustle of the main shopping streets. 


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