Vienna's Vintage Shops

Shopping tour through bygone days

No matter whether furniture or fashion – in Vienna every vintage lover will be taken back in time upon entering the charmingly furnished boutiques.



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    If you want to freshen up your apartment in a special way, the you will start to smile as soon as you see the selection in the Vintagerie. Because this shop not only offers classic designer pieces, but also sells extraordinary things. If you feel like it, you can even buy a moped to explore the city on your own.


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    Flo Vintage

    This vintage store in the 4th district is said to inspire the best designers in the world. Flo Vintage has been selling nostalgic fashion for over 37 years; fashion which was produced from 1880 to 1980 but that has by no means reached its expiry date. And who does not like to shop in a shop where Marc Jacobs has already bought for Louis Vuitton?


    ©Flo Vintage
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    The treasure hunt can begin: globes, chests, jewellery & co.  Banans am Brillantengrund takes you back to another time. The vintage boutique is home to many beautiful things from the period between 1930 and 1980. And don't worry about not having enough room in your suitcase: the many small classic design pieces and curiosities fit perfectly into one of the antique suitcases which are also sold there. 


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    Das neue Schwarze

    Das neue Schwarze, or The New Black, is a luxury vintage store in the middle of the 1st district, which is also frequented regularly by the Viennese. Because this boutique has particularly fine second-hand designer goods that make all shopaholic hearts beat faster: Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Jil Sander and many more. At last, Berlin's second-hand store has a branch in the Landskrongasse!


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    Burggasse24 is a vintage shop and café in one. Eyecatcher: the clothes are sorted according to colour. You can celebrate your shopping success with a hearty snack or a relaxing cup of coffee. The furnishings of the café are just as vintage as in the store next door. An absolute must for lovers of vintage in search of an inviting café. 


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